July 26, 2011

summer days

I thought once summer rolled around I would have post after post to keep this blog busy. 
Fortunately I'm spending less time at the computer 
and more time doing fun things outside of the house. 
And to be honest, 
I think I still need to cut back on the amount of time I'm getting on the internet 
or sitting inside the house. 
So for the last couple of months of this beautiful hot weather, I'm making it a goal to spend as much time as possible outside of this blasted house. 
Whether it's going for a walk, to the grocery store or just sitting outside on the front porch all day, I'm breaking free from this house. 
I want Oak to run around outside all day long rather than watching sesame street and reading books. 
He needs to be wild and free before the cold winter snow cages us back inside.

So if you don't hear from me too much in the next few weeks, I'll be glad. That means we're having fun.

Here are some pictures of our Pioneer day weekend to hold you over in the meantime:


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