June 18, 2012

oy vey

Excuse me while I've taken a break from this dear blog of ours. 
I'm not even sure what excuse to throw at you. 
You'd think that I have a monster 2 year old clinging to my leg or something. 
Oh yeah, that's right...I do. 

So let's do a quick Julie-like wrap up post of our recent activities, eh?

(if you're not already following us ladies (Jaime where'd you go?!) over here, then you should. Because that's my new form of blogging.)

I actually did it. 
I cut off his shoulder length, wispy fine hair....on accident. 
And I might have cried a little....
It's really hard to cut a toddler's hair. Especially when you don't know how to cut hair. 
So we went to the professionals the next day.

This little boy went #2 on the big boy potty! (hence the plate of treats) 
And I was happy. 
And thought maybe this was the start to potty training. 
So I went all Kate Gosselin style and took a picture of said #2 to show dad when he got home. 
And every day since that wondrous occasion we have gotten further and further away from potty training. And now the word "potty" is Oak's cue for screaming. 
So, maybe when he's 5?

We've been babysitting this precious little gift of love 
for the past month (or two...or eight), and will be watching him until 
the end of summer for my cousin, Trevor. 
What started out as, "awwww!" and big furry hugs and slobbery kisses and pure doggy joy.....

turned into this......

and this.....

2012-05-24 07.00.23.jpg

which also led him to chewing and eating 
pretty much everything but our deck, and by some miracle, our garden. 
So now I see him like this....

ok, I'm kidding. We still kind of love him. 
He'll probably still be alive when you get back, Trevor. 

 Just watering the peas in the nude. 
Ain't no thang

Straton and Oak went shopping at the new (freakishly huge) City Creek Center in SLC. 
And he bought Oak lots of cute clothes.
Including this hat in which he put on him Jay-Z style. 
Ain't no thang

And we bought this beaut' 
His name is Terry. Terry the traveling trailer. 
He was born in the 50's and needs a little TLC 
which we are more than happy to provide.

Ain't no thang.


Amanda Marie said...

Let me just say that I really freakin miss you and your blog posts. I've been wondering how you have been!! Glad to see an update! :)

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that's not a toilet

TysonandMarthaGerber said...

It's good to see you alive! I'm glad you gave the link to the other blog. Oak is huge! Love the nude photo - maybe it 's a gerber male thing =- it explains alot lol. Hope to see you when I come visit in July

JaelandSteveThompson.blogspot.com said...

Thanks for sharing. You have the cutest blog!