October 15, 2012

This little boy

I feel like I haven't posted in a long time but it really hasn't been that long. Things have sure changed quickly over here, though! I swear Oaklen changes and grows each morning I wake up. It's insane. 

(He got a haircut. I really tried to let it grow out again but I just couldn't do it. 
So I chopped it all off. And now he looks like he's 5)

The terrible two's are still going on strong here, but we're learning to love him through it. He's a firecracker, and so headstrong. And his quick wittiness is killing us. I'm raising myself in boy version, I'm telling you. It should be interesting.

(Boo at the Zoo, dressed as a biker/rocker/tough guy...?)

We started potty training him a few weeks ago. He had no interest whatsoever in using the potty but one day he kept talking about it and wanting to try. So off to the store we went and bought lots of his favorite characters (Diego) on big boy undies. He did amazingly well the first couple weeks. Then we had some issues. And I was having issues with his issues that constantly ended up on the floor. But we pushed through it with the little strength I had left and he's been doing awesome ever since! He has accidents every now and then when out in public. If he is happy and distracted (especially if there are kids around) he forgets and wets his pants. I just have to work on reminded him more often. Man, is it nice not having to change a stinky diaper!! 

(his attempt at putting his undies on all by himself)

Some things Oaklen has said that is noteworthy:
  • on a drive home one night we smelled the very stinky dairy/cow smell in the car. I told him that it was the cows that were so stinky outside. Well a few days later, in a bathroom stall next to a lady going #2, he loudly kept repeating, "Stinky cows, mom! Stinky cows!"
  • I let Oak take a quick power nap one afternoon. As I tried to wake him up, he looked up at me with a very serious face and said "Mom. I'm busy" and fell right back down to the couch. 
  • One morning Oak and I were laying in bed cuddling when I tooted (which I never do, of course. How gross!) and Oaklen got right up close to me with a frown on his face and said "Mom, you go poo-poo's in the toilet!" 
  • If he's cold he asks me to warm him up, which means I promptly need to rub his arms and back and hold him close. 
  • When he yells to get Dad's attention he says Strat instead. 

He's cute and we like him a lot. =)

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Ty and Nicole said...

I love it when you update your blog. Oaklen is getting so big, he needs to stop growing!! :) I guess it's time for #2!